February 4th

Beta Theta Pi presents

Beta Theta Pi presents

“Speaking with Confidence”

“Speaking with Confidence”

Thank you to all who attended!

Students and alumni, join us for a fun and interactive presentation with our host and comedian Stephan Dyer. In one hour, you’ll learn how to speak confidently, with amazing communication skills, in front of teachers, classmates, employers and friends.

You will learn 25 tips & techniques and how to:

  • Communicate effectively 
  • Trust yourself and conquer the fear of speaking
  • Connect with an audience through humor
  • Speak in a memorable way so people listen and remember you
  • Confidently communicate on Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, etc.

February 4, 2021




About Stephan Dyer

Stephan is a bilingual U of T grad and award-winning comedian. He has conducted 400+ shows in eight countries around the world and has appeared on Comedy Central, TEDx Talks, Second City, and some of the world’s biggest comedy festivals. He is also the proud co-founder of MalPensando, which has empowered thousands of professionals to become funny, confident speakers.

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